About Us

Welcome to lovebeihai.

Percy is an artist who avidly collects vintage clothing. Love Beihai is like a little time capsule, filled with classic styles and retro elements that span decades.

The story comes from Percy Lin's grandmother. She owned a famous tailor shop in the 1950s. Every piece of clothing there contains the innocence and simplicity of that era.
Percy has been exposed to vintage clothing since he was a child, and has developed a deep love and respect for vintage clothing. When she grew up, she decided to inherit her family's craftsmanship and spirit, and opened the lovebeihai retro clothing store in 2022.

There are also neo-retro styles designed by Percy himself, each of which incorporates the essence of past fashion. She skillfully combines old-time lace, polka dots, stripes, embroidery and other elements with modern aesthetics, allowing every piece of clothing to tell a story of the past.

lovebeihai is not only a place to buy and sell vintage clothing, but also a bridge connecting the past and present, tradition and fashion. It uses the silent language of clothing to awaken people's deep memories and nostalgia for the good times.